Pick, mix and shake data up to create your own unique app


Collect data from the world

We collect raw data from different transit networks and data providers all over the world.


Analyze all the datasets

We check the license and technical assets of each dataset before adding it in the service


Improve dataset quality

Thanks to our data magic tools, we improve the quality of datasets to ensure consistency


Build aggregate datasets

We build unified GTFS and NTFS (Navitia Transit Feed Specification) files to make reuse easier


Redistribute fresh datasets

We make sure datasets stay fresh and redistribute them to the community.

Ready-to-use Data

Data is available in a raw format (GTFS) or directly through our API. Datasets mainly contain schedules and geolocation information provided by transit agencies.

Timetables, stops, lines, transfers, and sometimes more...

Even more data

Thanks to data from OpenStreetMap, the API provides information on bike paths, bike-share, pedestrian and vehicle infrastructure, as well as points of interest including restaurants, museums, parks, and more...

Baby Kraken

Contribute data

Want to promote your city? Need a particular dataset?