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The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define the terms for access and use (hereafter "CGU") of the website. Any viewing of the pages of the website subsequent to this page implies acknowledgement by the user of the terms of these CGU. The website is intended to provide general information on the service, promote it, to put producers and re-users in contact and to allow re-users to register for the service.

The site is published by the company Kisio Digital (Canal TP). See the legal notice (add link). The following definitions shall be used hereafter: Re-user: any natural or legal person wishing to use the API and its functionalities to integrate them into their own information system intended for end users or otherwise. E.g. Developers, Start-ups, Digital agencies, Computer companies, large companies in the tourism, events, real estate sectors, etc. Producer: a legal person, owner or manager of data on public transport intending to provide raw data to a large number of people as part of its open data policy. The API (web service): Application Programming Interface, is defined as a set of rules or a routine by means of which a program authorises another application to work directly with it, by calling upon its functions. The API is presented in technical documentation available on the following website:

The user undertakes to:
- inform Kisio Digital of any use of the website that appears to be abusive and or contrary to these CGU.

In the event of any failure to comply with these CGU, Kisio Digital reserves the right to suspend access to the site for a User and to take legal action in particular in the event of infringement.

Access to the website

Kisio Digital reserves the right to terminate, modify, suspend, restrict or interrupt access to all or part of the website, including the content, functions and periods of availability, without notice.

Applicable law

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to French national law. In the event that no out-of-court settlement can be reached, any dispute regarding the validity, performance or interpretation of these conditions that may arise shall fall under the jurisdiction of the appropriate French court.

Hypertext links

Kisio Digital may not in any event be held liable for the provision of websites that are available through a hypertext link from the website and may not be held liable for the content, services, etc. available on or from these sites. These hypertext links are independent of the Kisio Digital website. These links in no manner constitute approval of these sites or a partnership with Kisio Digital.

Limitation of liability

The user uses the website at their own risk.
In no event may Kisio Digital, or its subsidiaries, or the members of its staff be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, and in particular any material prejudice, loss of data or software, the transmission of a virus that may infect computer equipment or any other property due to a connection and/or consultation and/or use of the website, or any financial prejudice resulting from accessing or using the website or the information included therein regardless of its nature.
The content of the website is presented with no guarantee regardless of its nature.
The insertion of hypertext links to any part of the website is prohibited without prior, written authorisation from the Publisher.

Updates to the CGU

Kisio Digital makes its best efforts to offer up-to-date information on its website. All the information provided to people accessing the website has been selected at a determined date. They may require an update that has not occurred for technical or other reasons, or be subject to an alteration, on the date on which they are consulted Kisio Digital may not be held liable for any error or omission. Any update, new service or new characteristic that improves or increases one or more of the existing services shall be subject to these conditions. Kisio Digital reserves the right to amend and update at any time access to the website and the General Terms and Conditions of use for the website. These amendments and updates are imposed on the user who must therefore regularly refer to this section to check the applicable General Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual property

All reproduction rights are reserved. This website constitutes a work of which Kisio Digital is the author pursuant to articles L.111.1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code Pursuant to article L122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, any representation or reproduction in full or in part that is made without the agreement of the rights holders and beneficiaries is illegal and constitutes infringement. Only use of a non-substantial part of the site shall be authorised for strictly private and non-commercial purposes. The insertion of hypertext links to any part of the website is prohibited without prior, written authorisation from the Publisher. The data sets on the website in raw format (GTFS, NTFS) are sets of data processed by an enhancement procedure carried out by Canal TP. The data sets are provided to re-users and producers. As Canal TP is not the owner of these data sets, re-users are required to comply with the obligations imposed by the licence for each data set.

Data Protection policy

Canal TP ensures the security of the data provided by you. Under no circumstances shall the data gathered on the website be transferred or sold to any third party. No email address shall be transferred to any third party including our partners without the express agreement of the interested party. The Website respects the privacy of Users and all the personal data that the User may have cause to provide to the Website shall be subject to the provisions of French law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the French Data Protection Act. Canal TP undertakes to comply with the provisions of the French Data Protection Act (Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978). Consequently, anybody concerned has a right to access, modify, rectify or delete the data concerning them. To exercise this right, they must send an email to


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